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House hunting: Location Location Location?

9th Aug 2022

 If this is your first time looking for a home, you may be wondering how to approach the process.

When you first embark on this journey, you may feel overwhelmed by the sheer number of variables to consider – don’t worry, this is completely normal.

There are a few questions to ask yourself before embarking on your house hunting adventure,

 How much can I spend?

When purchasing a home, it is important not to focus solely on the price of the home. It’s also critical to consider any type of work that may be required, whether structural or cosmetic, and to know what you can afford so you don’t go over budget.

You should also consider additional costs such as stamp duty, mortgage fees, estate agent fees, solicitor fees, and mortgage monthly payments. All of these extra costs will add up, so make sure you have enough money in the bank to cover them.


What am I willing to compromise on?

While no one wants to give up something from their ideal home, it is often the only way to find the right property for you.

It’s critical to prioritise what you most want from your home, whether it’s a south-facing garden, a garage, or a home office.


Is this the kind of neighbourhood I want to live in?

You are not only purchasing a house, but also a new life in a new neighbourhood. It is critical that you are pleased with the area to which you will be relocating because you will most likely be there for a long time.

It’s often a good idea to go to the neighbourhood where you want to live and get a sense of the vibe. Consider the location’s proximity to shops, post offices, schools, and gyms, as these are all things you must be satisfied with.


How close is the property to amenities?

In addition to liking the area you’re in, it’s critical that you have access to all of the amenities you require. If you have a family, you will most likely need to live in a good school district.

If you’re younger, you might prefer more entertainment and hospitality options, as well as better transportation options.

It is also important to consider commute time. If you are moving to a different area, it is a good idea to factor in how long it will take you to get to work, as this can help you decide which area you are most interested in looking to buy a new property in.


How simple would it be for me to put my personal imprint on the property?

When you walk around a house, you constantly attempt to visualise how it would appear with all of your possessions inside.

If a house has brilliantly coloured wallpaper, unique flooring, and seems worn on the inside, with the kitchen, bathrooms, and bedrooms all in need of restoration, you may have to dig deep to picture it as your future home.

Furthermore, having to redo bathrooms and kitchens can be costly, which will need to be factored into your budget.

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