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Different Types of Mortgages Leaflet Explained

11th Nov 2022

Fixed-rate mortgages A fixed-rate mortgage will mean your monthly payments should stay the same until an agreed date, no matter what happens to interest rates in the market. Fixed-rate periods… Read More »

The Pros and Cons of Remortgaging Your Home

10th Oct 2022

If you’re a homeowner, you may be considering whether to remortgage your property. On the one hand, remortgaging can offer several advantages, such as reducing your monthly payments or releasing… Read More »

Why was my Mortgage declined & what can I do next?

20th Sep 2022

Applying for a mortgage can be a difficult procedure! If you are applying for a mortgage, it’s vital to understand all of the typical reasons why your application maybe declined,… Read More »

Don’t go into an auction without having done your research

16th Aug 2022

Purchasing a home at auction is appealing. After all, you might find a good deal. However, it is very different from the traditional way of buying, and it is often… Read More »

House hunting: Location Location Location?

9th Aug 2022

 If this is your first time looking for a home, you may be wondering how to approach the process. When you first embark on this journey, you may feel overwhelmed… Read More »

Now is the time to join The National Residential Landlords Association

21st Jun 2022

The National Residential Landlords Association is the UK’s largest membership organisation for private residential landlords, supporting and representing over 95,000 members.   Membership benefits include: 30 trained advisers providing expert… Read More »